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Patient Story

One cryo-probe provided a solution for an advanced-stage lung cancer patient with poor cardiopulmona



Surgical resection is still the first choice for patients with early lung cancer. But what about those who are old, have poor cardiopulmonary function, have other diseases or refuse to have surgery? Recently, Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital (Fuda) has admitted a lung cancer patient with poor cardiopulmonary function. Let's take a look at how our experts helped this patient get out of his misery.


Uncle Huang, a patient from Liwan District, Guangzhou, went to a cardiovascular department at a local hospital three years ago because of fever and swollen legs. "The doctor said it might have something to do with my heart." Uncle Huang said that his family had familial heart problems, but usually it doesnt cause pain, not even a cold, so I didnt care much about it." Later, during his hospitalization, Uncle Huang had a fever at some time, but neither blood tests nor CT examinations could find anything wrong.


Until one time, carrying 24 hours of dynamic electrocardiogram device, he felt very uncomfortable at collarbone, and found a lump there. According to the imaging and pathological examination results, Uncle Huang was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of left lower lung. "At first I thought it was the shoulder straps of the device that made me feel uncomfortable, but the doctor told me it was the tumor at my collarbone metastasized from lung cancer that made me feel uncomfortable." After the diagnosis, Uncle Huang began oral targeted drug therapy, and reviews showed his condition was improved.


However in May this year, Uncle Huang's chest CT showed that the left lower lung cancer changed after targeted therapy, but the para-aortic nodules in the left lower lobe were larger than before. This small change brought about a big impact. Especially when epidemic broke out in Guangzhou, even a few steps to do nucleic acid made him sweat and out of breath.

To seek further treatment, Uncle Huang came to our hospital on June 22. "I'm a fan of President Niu Lizhi, so I came to see 'Gao Fu Shuai (a tall, rich and handsome man)' and his excellent ablation skills." Uncle Huang's wife told us that she had learned a lot about ablation. Before she came to Fuda, she had been following President Niu for more than a year and had read a lot of lectures given by him, which was the reason why she chose Fuda.


CT result after admission

After admission, Uncle Huang received relevant examinations. The results revealed a small nodule with increased density near the thoracic aorta in the dorsal segment of the lower lobe of left lung, about 1.2×1.0cm in size; micronodules in the middle lobe of right lung and a thyroid adenoma in the left thyroid; chronic cardiac insufficiency. Based on all the results, Dr. Long Xinan, Dr. Li Chunli and other doctors arranged symptomatic treatment such as expanding the trachea, improving cardiac function, relieving asthma and anti-infection after admission for him.


Due to left lower lobe nodule adjacent to the left lower lung artery and vein compression, adhesion and cardiopulmonary insufficiency, the nodule couldnt be surgically removed. Three days after admission, President Niu performed cryosurgery of left lung tumor for him to inactivate the tumor and reduce tumor load. "The ablation process was under local anesthesia, so I was awake during the procedure." He said that the procedure was done when chatting with President Niu. 



During cryosurgery

"The patient's LVEF is only 30% and FEV1.0 is only 0.6, which means severe cardiopulmonary dysfunction. There was no significant change in cardiopulmonary function during the cryosurgery. If he received an open surgery, it would do some harm to his body in the end." President Niu explained that cryosurgery is a minimally invasive technique, which causes less local pain and is especially suitable for cancer patients whose tumor distance from the pleura is less than 1cm or whose bone metastasis causes bone destruction. The ice ball formed by cryosurgery has a clear boundary and is easy to monitor. Therefore, cryosurgery can be applied to lung tumors adjacent to organs at a dangerous site.


Heart function 


Lung function

Less than three days after the procedure, Uncle Huang looked much better. "After ablation in the morning, I could stand up in the afternoon. Though coughing with a little phlegm, I was in good spirits." His wife was so excited that her shed tears when expressing gratitude to our medical staff repeatedly. Uncle Huang said he would listen to the doctor's advice, and received chemotherapy or related medication if necessary.


Picture of Mr. Huang and Mrs. Huang with President Niu

From admission to discharge, Uncle Huang spent 8 days at Fuda during the entire treatment process. "I made a right choice," he said thankfully. From the very beginning to the end, he said that doctors and nurses here provided services for him in a responsible way. With a good curative effect, Uncle Huang and his wife introduced their friends in need to come here for treatment.


"Dr. Long Xin'an and Dr. Li Chunli are in charge of my treatment. They always answered our questions in details." Uncle Huang explained that doctors here would explain clearly how his lesions were, which lesion needed to be treated first and which needed to be remained, as well as how to take care of himself before and after procedure. Good communication between doctors and the patient could not only allow doctors to well understand the condition of Uncle Huang, but also reassure Uncle Huang and his wife. "Thank you very much for what they have done!”

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