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Patient Story

Story of Clementia



On December 12, 2015, Clementia, Philippinese, looked very good in a khaki woolen coat. Upon discharge, Clementia and her daughter shook hands with President Niu Lizhi from Fuda Cancer Hospital. She said, "I’m very grateful to President Niu. If I didn’t visit Fuda, the illness may continue to torture me..." Liu Hongyun, nurse in charge of the third ward, hugged them tightly and gave blessings to them. The scene was warm and touching.


Clementia, 69 years old, told the author that she had always been well, but in July 2010, she accidentally found a mass on the right side of neck so she went to a local hospital for examination which showed right undifferentiated nasopharyngeal cancer. After surgery and daily injections, the condition was still not improving. Later, a fellow told her that the treatment of Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital in China was effective so many people were willing to go there for treatment. Therefore, Clementia decided to give it a try in fear of further deterioration.


In September 2010, she and her daughter arrived at Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital. What surprised them was that they could enjoy the airport pickup service from the hospital. Clementia said gratefully, "The hospital is really considerate for us."


Soon, Clementia completed the hospitalization process with the help of medical staff. Upon admission examination, she was diagnosed with multiple solid tumors in the right side of neck, considering enlarged lymph nodes and nasopharyngeal carcinoma with right cervical lymph node metastasis and right thyroid nodules. Then a team of experts led by Niu Lizhi arranged a series of inspections for Clementia, discussed and prepared argon-helium cryoablation for her.


According to Niu Lizhi, Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital has become the first hospital to introduce argon-helium cryoablation in mainland China since its establishment in 2001. The biggest advantage of argon-helium cryoablation is to destroy the tumor completely and prevent the spread of cancer cells. The treatment process is painless, which frees patients from the risk of trauma.


The treatment plan was approved by Clementia and treatment was done as scheduled.


On September 15, 2010, Clementia underwent argon-helium cryoablation at the hospital. After operation, she felt much more relaxed. On October 12 and November 1, Clementia underwent two cycles of interventional chemotherapy respectively and then she was discharged.


Subsequently, Clementia underwent three cycles of interventional therapy at Fuda Cancer Hospital in December 2010, and January and February 2011.


Back to the Philippines, Clementia repeatedly went to local hospital for reexamination. No tumor recurred. Some friends saw her and said with surprise, "You look so good. It’s hard to say you’re a cancer patient." Clementia was very happy to hear about it and she said that her condition had been greatly improved after treatment at Fuda Cancer Hospital, and now she could eat whatever she wants and sleep well.

In December 2015, Clementia arrived at Fuda Cancer Hospital again for a review and combined immunotherapy. She told the author that she was now in good spirit and sleep. Walking every day was once her favorite sport, but before treatment, the illness stopped her from enjoying this habit. Now she was able to walk outside again after treatment. Therefore, Clementia would like to thanks all medical personnel at Fuda Cancer Hospital because they gave her a chance to regain a healthy life.


Clementia (in the middle) with medical personnel



(In Fuda) Clementia’s daughter, Clementia, Liu Hongyun and Clementia’s husband (from left to right)


(From left to right) Clementia, Clementia’s daughter and Liu Hongyun (2015.12.12)


(From left to right) Clementia, Clementia’s daughter and Liu Hongyun (2015.12.12)

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