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Patient Story

“You are the sunshine.”—Mr. Zhang from Dunhuang regains his smile



“I expect it day and night. How can I know that today we fight with bandits? Our troops come and enter the remote mountain, save the poor from suffering…” The beautiful Beijing Opera singing came out from Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital of Jinan University on the morning of September 27. It is Mr. Zhang who sang this opera. He was very happy, because after 5 times’ interventional therapy his tumor has become smaller. On that day, he wanted to say a lot to express his appreciation, but he didn’t know where to start. So he just began to sing to express. After singing, Mr. Zhang told people around that he would face whatever he meets in the future bravely.


Mr. Zhang was very happy at this moment, because his cancer had been controlled. He felt the blessings of life again, and experienced the warmth of the world. Moreover, Uncle Zhang felt the benevolence and greatness of doctors, knew about the excellent medical skills of doctors in Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital and felt the love and care from all medical staffs.

The story of Uncle Zhang and Fuda Cancer Hospital began from July 2018. 

Uncle Zhang came from Dunhuang, Gansu province. In 2016 he went to hospital for treatment due tobackache, and he was diagnosed with lumbar muscle strain. The symptomatic treatment is ineffective, and his condition became worse with pain radiating to right lower limb. In early January, 2017, masses were detected in right abdomen. On 13rd, January, he did a surgery, and the tumor was in ileocecum and it widely metastasized to peritoneum and invaded psoas major. At the end of May, 2018, he has pain in right abdomen. The re-examination in June indicated that the tumor reoccurred…Then he and his family have visited many hospitals, some hospitals can do the surgery but cannot ensure any emergent condition during the operation; some hospitals offer costly and unaffordable treatments. Every time they went with hope but came back with disappointment. He was depressed by his condition. He even refused to receive treatment and prepared for his funeral.

Uncle Zhang stayed at home and received no treatments. But his family never gave up. They happened to know about the advanced medical ideas of Fuda Cancer Hospital’s experts on TV, so they decided to go and check. Uncle Zhang and his family called the hospital and visited Fuda Cancer Hospital with the help of customer service staff.

On June 17, Dr. Wang Feng conducted the consultation to Uncle Zhang. After careful examination, Dr. Wang said to him that, “You had multiple abdominal metastases, we suggest you to take interventional therapy, and the chance of bringing cancer under control is high.” Uncle Zhang and his family finally see the light of hope.

At the beginning, Uncle Zhang just talked to doctors or stayed in bed in a daze. He didn’t communicate with anyone including his family. Nurses thought that he didn’t talk to people because he felt painful or because he was introverted. Therefore, head nurse Jihui collected many funny stories and shared them with Uncle Zhang. And she also enjoined nurses to care more on him and chatted with him. Medical staff treated and cared him as their family, in this way, Uncle Zhang relaxed. With the efforts of nursing team, Uncle Zhang turned to be optimistic. At the hospital’s Mid-Autumn Festival party, he even sang a song “The Song of Peony “for everyone on stage. Seeing the change of Uncle Zhang, not only did his family sigh with relief, but the nurses in the four wards were also pleased.


Dr. Wang Feng developed a personalized treatment plan considering the treatment recommendations of the expert team. From June 21 to September 11, Uncle Zhang had five interventional chemotherapies, which effectively controlled the tumor. However, postoperative diarrhea made him and his family exhausted. Instead, our nurses did their best to make him happy. Everyone greeted him softly, and encouraged him. In return, Uncle Zhang didn’t show sadness or weakness that is common in patients who receive chemotherapy. He even sang his favorite Beijing opera "Our troops came to us" to express his gratitude, "Thank you for your help and concern. Thank you... you are really the sunshine."


Now, Uncle Zhang has become cheerful and outgoing again, due to excellent medical skills of medical team and nursing care team of Fuda Cancer Hospital and patient-oriented service.


There are many similar casess in the Fuda Cancer Hospital of Jinan University. These touching stories interpret the responsibilities of the angels in white.


The Nursing Care Team of 4th ward in Fuda Cancer Hospital of Jinan University

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