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Patient Story

Refused by several hospitals

a lung cancer patient from Sichuan finally had appropriate treatment in Fuda Cancer Hospital


On September 19, 2018, Fuda Cancer Hospital affiliated to Jinan University (Fuda) received a handwritten thank-you letter from Mrs. Li, a patient with adenocarcinoma of lung, who would like to thank Prof. Niu for providing effective treatment on her cancer and thank medical staff who helped her in Fuda.

In April 2018, Mrs. Li received reexamination which indicated an enlarged left pulmonary nodule; in July, a chest CT scan showed interstitial fibrosis with infection in bilateral lungs but no significant change compared to previous CT; mass in superior lobe of left lung is enlarged; biopsy report indicated adenocarcinoma of lung; EGFR showed exon 19 mutation and PD-L1 (-); stage ⅠB adenocarcinoma T2aN0M0 of left upper lung was identified.


A CT film of lung before treatment

From July 2018, Mrs. Li went to different hospitals for treatments but she was refused because of high risks of surgery. Her neighbors learned about it and told her about their experience in Fuda, one of whom smoothly underwent surgery on lung cancer and recovered well. Then Mrs. Li decided to give it a try and sent all her medical reports to Prof. Niu in Fuda. After reading her reports, Prof. Niu recommended her to receive further examination and treatment at our hospital, which gave hope to Mrs. Li’s family.


Mrs. Li

Later, Mrs. Li was admitted to Fuda. After consultation, Prof. Niu immediately made a treatment plan and arranged a cryosurgery for her on September 12. A medical team led by Prof. Niu successfully completed the procedure with their rich experience and skilful techniques as scheduled. Intraoperative bleeding was 0.5ml and vital signs of patient were stable.


Prof. Niu is performing cryosurgery for Mrs. Li.


This picture is taken during cryosurgery on left lung cancer.

After 24-hour postoperative ICU monitoring and treatment, Mrs. Li recovered well. During rehabilitation, Prof. Niu and other medical staff cared her a lot and answered her questions patiently, which helped her truly understand Fuda’s philosophy of “Professional Medical Care, Friendly Patient Services”.


Left: Prof. Niu Lizhi; Right: Mrs. Li

On September 19, Mrs. Li wrote a touching thank-you letter to Fuda and showed great gratitude to our medical staff before she was discharged. She wrote, “The medical staff here show great respect to me and they do everything with enthusiasm. Especially Prof. Niu, his noble medical ethics and skills left a deep impression on me. When I was here, I felt like at home where a crowd of kids took good care of me. What a blissful time!” Between the lines of the letter, Mrs. Li expressed her praise to all medical staff and her gratitude and trust to Fuda.


In the letter, she not only thought highly of teamwork spirit of cryosurgical treatment team but also praised medical staff in Fuda for their wholeheartedness to save every patient.


In terms of cryosurgery which was approved by FDA (America) in 1998 and SDA (China) in 1999, Fuda introduced this technology from America in 2000 and has completed over 10,000 cases in nearly 20 years, gaining proficiency during practices.

From what we mentioned above, this patient took herself as an example and told us her story in Fuda. She even wrote a thank-you letter to express her affirmation to Fuda and high praise to skilful techniques and enthusiasm of its medical staff. It is these warm-hearted stories and thankful hearts that help Fuda staff to overcome tension and fatigue at work and never give up when fighting against illnesses.

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