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Patient Story

A Malaysian singer moves everyone with soothing music



This is a warm-hearted story.

Anjgy Lim, 39 years old, Malaysian, loves music and dancing since she was young. Sharing the same hobbies with her sister, Chiara Lim, she organized a chorus called Dandelion with her sister. In the last 16 years, their singing style had attracted many students to attend their chorus who performed hundreds of shows in Australia, Europe and other places.

Half a year ago, she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of lung but no therapeutic target was found so no targeted treatment was available at that time. “Every step I took brought me difficulty to breathe. Each time when I finished my performance, I took deep breaths behind the scenes,” said Anjgy.


Anjgy Lim


Anjgy Lim (right) and her sister, Chiara Lim

The one who is always standing by her side is her sister, Chiara Lim.

One of her friends introduced her to Fuda Cancer Hospital (Fuda) in Guangzhou to receive treatments. Then she agreed and flew to Guangzhou. In Fuda, Prof. Xu Kecheng, honorary chief president of Fuda advised her to go through a gene test for lung tumor in August 2016. After the test, a rarely-seen gene was found positive so she could take targeted medicine to control her cancer.


President Xu visits Anjgy with flowers.

Anjgy bravely fought against cancer. During the hospitalization, when she felt better, she would sing songs with her sister who accompanied her on the piano. Therefore, we had the chance to hear wonderful melodies almost every night at Fuda.
These beautiful melodies attracted many inpatients from different countries and filled our hospital with joy and fun. “Though I’m sick, I’m still alive and I can do everything I want,” Anjgy said, “An American lady said she also loved music. Her younger sister was sick so she came here with her but her sister died from severe illness. She was thankful to me for the inner peace brought by my music.”


Anjgy and other inpatients

After treatments, her cancer was under control and pulmonary oxygen concentration was within normal range. On December 3, 2016, she made a performance on the stage again, leading her chorus to hold a charity concert “Never give up” in Malaysia.


The concert had attracted more than 500 audiences. On the stage, Anjgy danced and sang. From her face, we could see determination and toughness, which encouraged everyone to never give up. Her story and positive energy moved everyone there.


On the concert, Prof. Xu donated 20,000 yuan to Cancer Patient Care Foundation of Buddha Charity Foundation


Her singing warmed everyone’s heart there. Her sister said, “This concert is not an end but just a beginning.”

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