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Patient Story

A 70-year-old patient suffering from tongue cancer recurrence with lung metastases regained confiden



I feel lucky and blessed because I chose Guangzhou Fuda. I wish I could come here earlier. Here the human-oriented spirit of saving those in need impressed me. In my eyes, Fuda is the most beautiful hospital with the best doctors. I really want to thank doctors and nurses here for their help. – quote from Mr. Li’s letter


In recent days, Mr. Li wrote a thank-you note titled Thanks to Fuda, Cancer Patients Smiled Happily to Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital (Fuda). On the note, he spoke highly of our treatment and service with a thankful heart.


No suitable medicine for me in China?

Born in Qingdao, Mr. Li is 73 years old now. He was a reporter before. He has been healthy for a long time and is able to swim in the sea for over one hour. “My only worry is my teeth. Nothing else,” said Mr. Li. From March last year, he started treatment on his teeth. Then in April, his right ear had paroxysmal pain and his throat had stabbing pain, which stopped him from eating well. Then, his body weight dropped from 80kg to 70kg. Therefore, he went to a hospital for check-up which showed that the back of right side of tongue was slightly swelling. “At first, I thought it was caused by toothache. That’s it.” Mr. Li added that when he received treatment in a stomatological hospital, the doctor there told him that there was a problem with his tongue and suggested that he should see a specialist.


In early August 2019, Mr. Li was admitted to a Guangzhou hospital and had MRI scan on tongue and neck. The MRI report showed an occupying space about 5.3×2.9cm in right side of tongue, and biopsy report showed an adenoid cystic carcinoma in right side of tongue. In this case, Mr. Li had to start the fight against cancer. In a year, he underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted medication and surgery, but the effect was not obvious. Almost no change was found in the tumor. What’s worse, he became weaker and weaker after treatment. “I was really painful at that time.” Mr. Li said that during the surgery, his gum was cut open, after which his life was badly affected. In April 2020, he received a gene test which showed PD-1L<1 so immunotherapy was not suitable for him.

 “I have been to hospitals in Guangzhou and Beijing but doctors there said that no medicine or new treatment was suitable for me.” Then Mr. Li received a review in April, which showed recurrence with bilateral lung metastases, and an uneven rough mass about 4×4cm in right side of tongue and right buccal mucosa, oral base and right side of gum. Knowing of this result, he lost faith.


Immediate check-up and treatment

In despair, Mr. Li happened to read a book written by Dr. Xu Kecheng, honorary president of Fuda Cancer Hospital. He was interested in the book and tried to search related information of Fuda online. After online communication with consultant for several times, he came here for observation. “When I spotted flowers everywhere, coffee shop and bookshelf, I feel at ease.” Mr. Li told us, Dr. Xu provided him with treatment plan and the information of minimally invasive procedures such as cryosurgery and irreversible electroporation. Despite the fact that his family was worried about the service provided by a private hospital, Mr. Li still decided to come here for treatment. “I have been here for twice and the humanistic spirit here deeply impresses me.”


On August 12, 2020, Mr. Li was admitted to our hospital. He followed the guidance of Dr. Xu: interventional chemotherapy, cryosurgery and rachytherapy or other treatment. Two days later, he underwent interventional chemotherapy under local anesthesia. “I feel good after treatment. Most importantly, I feel less pain.”


Dr. Xu gave a book named Live with Cancer to Mr. Li as a gift.


Over 15 days later, Dr. Niu Lizhi, president of Fuda performed cryosurgery on the tumor smoothly for Mr. Li. “Three days after my admission to Fuda, I started my treatment quickly. I felt amazed about that.” Because he didn’t have experience before, he was quite satisfied with the immediate and timely service here in Fuda, which gave him confidence in fighting against disease.


Thanks to Fuda, Cancer Patients Smiled Happily

Before he came here, his family found a Japanese hospital that might help him. “At that time, they said proton therapy there might be helpful and advised me to have a try, but I refused in the end.” Mr. Li said there were three reasons for refusing. First of all, the application procedure is troublesome and costly; secondly, living in Japan is inconvenient and not good for recovery; thirdly, COVID-19 outbreak is more serious there. Thus, Japan was not a good choice for him. “Luckily, I stayed in China so that I could have a chance to come here.” Mr. Li said there were many ways to help patients in Fuda and treatments here were patient-oriented. When he had questions, he could ask doctors and nurses at any time. Even though he was staying at home, he was able to consulted doctors online, which reassured him.


Mr. Li had stayed in our hospital for twice and believed in us. “My family came to visit me before, and they are satisfied with the environment and service here, which are beyond their expectation.” He added that nurses here were enthusiastic and they always smiled. Heartfelt greetings, ward round service and doctor’s advice all set his mind at rest. Just like Dr. Xu said before, “Good mood with fewer psychological burdens is good for patients.” After fighting against cancer for over one year, Mr. Li gained a lot from his experience. He said that Fuda was a good hospital with a professional expert team. At the end of interview, Mr. Li hopes more cancer patients can benefit from treatment here.

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