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Patient Story

Meddy Ali's Story



In April 2010, Xu Kecheng, president of Fuda Cancer Hospital, went to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit patients. Arriving from the airport to the hotel, as soon as he entered the lobby, the tall Ali greeted him, shaking hands and helping with luggage. Dean Xu was taken aback: Ah! Ali, so spirited! He grabbed Ali, looked left and right, and looked at his neck and face. When Ali saw Dean Xu looking at him like this, he straightened up and made a few "ghost faces", his wife Miss Ali said. : "He is God's favorite!" That night, Dean Xu and Ali had dinner together. Seeing that he ate deliciously, Dean Xu suddenly felt a sense of accomplishment.

Mudd Ali is an Indonesian Chinese who was originally a department manager of an international insurance company in Jakarta. One day in March 2005, Ali suddenly had a nosebleed and a headache. He went to Jakarta Central Hospital for an examination and found that it was nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Coincidentally, almost at the same time, a friend of his also had cancer, not nasopharyngeal cancer, but maxillary sinus cancer next to the nose. The doctor also said that "there are not many ways to do it." The two discussed going abroad to see a doctor. His friend is the boss, and he insisted on going to Singapore, but he insisted on going to China. The reason may be that he is a "wage earner" and the economy is not well off. In May of this year, Ali came to Fuda Cancer Hospital accompanied by his wife. First receive vascular interventional therapy, then receive local cryoablation, then give photodynamic therapy, and then receive radiation therapy. When he was discharged from the hospital two months later, the nasopharyngeal lesions basically disappeared.

One year later, in July 2006, President Xu went to Jakarta for a visit, and Ali greeted him at the airport. Dean Xu asked what happened to his friend? He said he was dead. Ali looked sad when he said it. His friend went to Singapore to undergo a major operation. The left eye and left facial bones including teeth were all removed, and then received chemotherapy and radiotherapy...

Dean Xu stayed in Jakarta for a week, and Ali accompanied him every day and translated for him. Dean Xu went to Ali's house, which was a small independent one-story house. There were many dolls displayed in the living room, which were Ali's hobby and were bought when he was on business trips around the world. They have two children, a boy and a girl, both in middle school. His wife Misi Ali told Dean Xu that their son could have gone to the best university in Indonesia, but the child is very sensible. In order to save money for his father's medical treatment, he volunteered to apply for a university with cheaper tuition.

The most famous health magazine in Indonesia published "Interview with Ali". Ali became a celebrity and received many calls every day asking him about medical treatment. He and his wife are determined to "give back to the society" and answer all questions of visitors. People call him "Dr Ali".

At the end of 2007, Mies Ali called and said that Ali's disease had relapsed, with submandibular lymph nodes and brain metastases. Dean Xu asked them to come to Fuda and gave him cryoablation of lymph nodes and whole brain radiotherapy. In the spring of 2008, Ali came to Fuda again, and the examination found that the lymph nodes and brain metastases disappeared. In 2009, multiple lymph node metastases occurred in the neck. Fuda gave him compound immunotherapy. Misi Ali told Dean Xu that they are very grateful. One child has started working, and the other is about to graduate from university. When she was discharged from the hospital, she hugged Dean Xu, tears streaming down her face.

Ali insisted on immunotherapy. In addition to receiving cell therapy, he insisted on injecting immune-boosting injections every week. As his wife said: He is God's favorite, and he will not leave this beautiful world easily!


Mulder Ali's treatment records:

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, male, 47 years old, Indonesian Chinese. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, stage III, was discovered in 2005. Lesion 7 X8 cm, skull destruction. After vascular intervention of local chemotherapy, argon-helium knife cryotherapy, photodynamic and radiotherapy, the tumor achieved a complete response. Three years later, submandibular lymph node metastasis and brain metastasis disappeared after cryoablation and radiation therapy. One year later, multiple cervical lymph node metastases occurred, and combined immunotherapy was given. After 2 years, the patient is still alive and progression-free.

Ali's successful experience in treatment

The preferred treatment for nasopharyngeal carcinoma is radiotherapy. Ali's nasopharyngeal carcinoma has entered an advanced stage. Because the tumor is large and invades the base of the skull, radiotherapy is difficult to treat. The team that treated Ali first performed vascular intervention and photodynamic therapy on him, and then used "argon-helium knife" to freeze the tumor to shrink the tumor, and then gave him radiotherapy, which achieved good results. For advanced cancer, individualized comprehensive treatment must be implemented. Ali's long-term survival is the result of this treatment. Combined immunotherapy is to apply a variety of methods to comprehensively improve the body's anti-cancer immune function. Ali adopted this treatment and effectively extended his life.

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