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Patient Story

Rays of Hope: The Journey to Recovery



Yinyin who from Thailand found the skin on her chest turn red and became increasingly unbearable 5 years ago. The doctor told her that this might be a symptom of breast cancer and she needed to undergo surgery immediately. After careful consideration, Yinyin did not choose surgery, but sought treatment with traditional Chinese medicine. Because she heard that chemotherapy was torture, and few people she known could survive rounds of treatment. Five years of traditional Chinese medicine treatment made her condition temporarily stable, However, in July this year, they found a metastasis on her neck, causing her difficulty breathing. The local doctor told her that there was no treatment for late-stage breast cancer, and she could only take some painkillers and go home.


Friends living in Chiang Mai recommended Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital to her. with the last glimmer of hope, they contacted the consultants at the Bangkok office. After consulting with oncologists at Fuda, they immediately decided to apply for a visa and come to Guangzhou. After arriving at the hospital, our doctor immediately solved her breathing problem, and performed four sessions of interventional chemotherapy. The latest MRI results greatly boosted her confidence, along with the care given by doctors and nurses, she saw the silverline.


Yinyin told us that she will tell the people around her about her experience at Fuda after she goes home. It is the efforts of Fuda medical team that make her alive!

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