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Patient Story

20 Years, Lymphoma Patient Found His Way Out



Mr. Ling, Malaysian, is a former patient of Fuda. Twenty-three years ago, he found tumors grown in his body. Local doctor asked him not to overwork, but he didn’t bare it in mind. After that, Mr. Ling occasionally felt numbness and pain, but these were ignored until his stomach began to swell. After the operation, the doctor told him that he had many lymph nodes in his stomach and needed chemotherapy immediately. It was like the end of the world for Mr. Ling.

Mr. Ling’s friend Aixiang suffered from thymic cancer. After learning that Mr. Ling had lymphoma, she suggested that he go to China for treatment. After second invitation, Mr. Ling came to Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital. When he asked the doctor about his condition, the doctor told him that lymphoma is a common disease in China. This shocked Mr. Lin because no one had ever told him that lymphoma can be treated before. In their mind, this was equivalent to dead.

Since he was already there, he decided to give it a try. After the second cycle of interventional chemotherapy, Mr. Ling clearly felt that the tumors in his body were disappearing quickly. When he returned home, his family were surprised, and the cold water they had poured on him turned into words of comfort. After six cycles of treatments, Mr. Ling returned to his normal life.

Around 2009, Mr. Ling's lymphoma relapsed due to environmental issue. This time he came directly to Fuda, and the same interventional chemotherapy solved his problem. The third recurrence encountered the epidemic. He developed jaundice and his stomach was full of ascites. The local hospital considered systemic chemotherapy, which was a torture for Mr. Ling. After treatment, the ascites subsided, but the jaundice remained and could only be maintained with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. With the help of family and friends, he returned to Fuda.

"I saw hope when I saw the Dr. Xing. I comforted myself that I must still have great hope."

After treatment, Mr. Ling recovered well. He said that he would have hope as long as he returned to Fuda. Looking back on the twenty years of fighting cancer, he felt incredible. Fortunately, he found his way out.


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