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     We serve

    ——Cancer patients in all stage——


    Cryosurgical ablation for inoperable patients
    Irreversible Electroporation for patients who don’t respond to radiotherapy and chemotherapy
    Ozone therapy for patients with impaired immunity

     We apply

    ——State-of-art techonology——


    Minimally Invasive Mammotome Procedure Mammotome revolve Biopsy Device is a vacuum-assisted breast biopsy sys...
    Patient Story
    HepaSphere – A New Way of Transarterial Embolization Now the most advanced interventional therapy is to treat with drug elu...
    Patient Story
    Cryosurgical Ablation (CSA) Cryosurgery is a novel technique for treatment of cancer which has bee...
    Patient Story

    Why a healthy person like me had lung cancer? As known to all, lung cancer is the most c...


    Thanks to cryosurgery, an Indonesian patient has survived kidney cancer for eight years! On August 1, 2019, Chen Zhe (pseudonym), a...

  •  We provide

    ——Heart-felt service——

     With our BEU service team, Fuda has helped patients from more than 100 countries and regions.

    Basic service
    Expected service
    Unexpected service
    In FUDA, we provide Basic services (B), Expected services (E) and Unexpected services (U). Those service give patients care, love and attention that are most needed during treatment process.

     We introduce

    ——New concept of cancer treatment——


    Nothing but the truth
    I would like to : 1.Use this book to let our patients understand the thoughts, thinking and experiences of their doctoers;.
    Follow Me to Fight Against Cancer
    As a doctor and researcher in oncology, I am also a cancer patient and survivor of the "King of Cancer". I've made tremendous efforts in the fight against cancer.

     We remind

    ——Cancer prevention——


    Healthy style
    Daily activities of both individuals and families, including personal wearing habit, food we take, place we live, the way we travel and we spend our leisure time, etc.
    Healthy diets
    We need a healthy recipe for daily meals

    We recommend

    ——Cancer information——


    Healthy StyleMedia report Latest News


    What is the relationship between tumor markers and cancer

    Every spring, many people receive medical examinations. It’s n..

    The Link Between Lifestyle and Breast Cancer

    The first step towards beating cancer is recognizing the link bet..

    What Prostate Cancer Survivors Need to Know About Osteoporosis

    Size: S / L Previous2009/6/1 All men are at risk for prostate ca..

    Blood Donation to Fight against COVID-19

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, blood inventory has been plunging..

    Join in Fight to Beat Coronavirus!

    When outbreak occurs, control and prevention is responsibility. T..

    A grand and warm opening ceremony was held in the new Bangkok Service Center of Fuda

    On Nov. 14, 2019, a grand and warm opening ceremony was held in t..

     We share

    ——Resources with you——


    Sino-Korean “Hope Project for Advanced Cancer Patients”


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